A resource for cultural heritage projects,through art and crafts for inhabitant children in partner schools, women's craft-making groups, holiday makers cultural tour memorable experiences and instructions on sustainable agriculture and environment conservation sensitization to the community!

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Children's Folk art project

Openhandstoserve's program for children through folk art, a project we do in partnership with three schools so far; Is an interesting way of how we hope to impact the young talents in the field of art but still focused on our values of cultural heritage

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Women's Craft groups
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Agriculture & Environment projects!

As an Organization with peoples well being as our core value we realize the productivity of peoples farms in our communities have drastically reduced, the forest cover depleted, extra land for farming to increase food supply in at a family level is also another serious issue, innovative technologies in agriculture and reclamation of the already cleared forest and land will increase the potential for these rural communities to access their livelihoods; The program activities include; Environment conservation sensitization, on farm agro forestry activities in villages, development of field pilot projects, smart sustainable agriculture strategies, Provision of training to communities; through seminars, sports and competitions, training centres in schools, institutions and individual farms. Openhandstoserve's strategy to reach out to the communities for this cause, includes organizing annual sporting activities intended to create awareness of climate change effects and sensitization on environmental conservation.

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Our Location More like a home surf spot at our headquarters

Special Events at Openhandstoserve

Openhandstoserve is a Community Hub and we love to share and include and activate and engage with our community families, neighbours, partners and guests from every where in Uganda and the humanitarian community. When service joins with celebration, the results are just amazing! Annual traditions include:

Community Thanksgiving Dinner - serving more than 1,000 meals and distributing hundreds of bags of groceries;

Openhandstoserve for the Holidays - an annual winter festival distributing thousands of books, drawing boards, and articles of clothing for children of all ages from the surrounding community;

Openhandstoserve Family Movie Nights - a regular activity that includes outdoor screenings and entertainment on the Openhandstoserve athletic field;

Openhandstoserve Back to School Festival - providing new backpacks, shoes, school supplies, and eye exams (as needed) to more than 1,000 students Our annual Garden and Health Expo - providing health check-ups and classes, vision and dental check-ups, gardening clinics, and healthy food options;

And, like all non-profits, we have Fund-raisers! With the emphasis on FUN!

Every March we produce the amazing STARS & STRIKES CELEBRITY POKER AND BOWLING TOURNAMENT for our environment conservation sensitization program

In May it's our Women AWARDS LUNCH ON, Honouring the Women that Inspire Us and our own Women

In December is our GALA FOR THE CHILDREN, a folk art are craft exhibition; an elegant and well known philanthropic event on the Uganda's social calendar, that raises money each year to support our programs


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You can now join Openhandstoserve crafts workshops any hour of the day all week long on your tour at lake Bunyonyi south-western Uganda; check out our offers ranging from folk art for children in partnership with schools, teenagers artwork projects and women's craft-group's projects right here on the website a new crafts project starts every Friday at noon for each of these groups. Visit any time all week long and be a part of the hands that serve.

A list of some of the amazing projects you can be part of!

Our Bursary scheme project

Are you a mother and is your child between the ages of 8 and 21 years old? Are they in school? Do you have friends at Openhandstoserve or you have heard about us? Do you like what you see on our website? If you answered yes to all of those questions, you and your family are welcome to explore the possibility of membership at Openhandstoserve Organization; for children not in school Check out our bursary scheme programs!